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Digital Marketing for Irrigation Companies

Digital Marketing Services for Sprinklers and Irrigation Businesses

A good sprinkler system can mean the difference between life and death for a homeowner’s beloved garden, especially during Ontario’s hot summer months. There are millions of homeowners and commercial facilities out there that could benefit from your services – but they won’t call you if they don’t know you exist. 

At Leads4Pros, we’re experts at putting businesses like yours on the map using the latest advertising method: digital marketing. Our services have helped sprinkler shops and other trades companies all over the GTA get the online exposure they need to succeed in today’s connected world.

Digital Marketing for Sprinklers and Irrigation Businesses
Work Schedule
Fill Your Work Schedule

Make the most of Ontario's limited warm seasons with more customers to serve.

Local Presence
Establish a Stronger
Local Presence

Draw attention and recognition from the people who live in your local area.

Get More Revenue

Lock in more leads and revenue, giving you the financial momentum you need to make your roofing business a true industry powerhouse.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for

Sprinklers and Irrigation Businesses


Digital Marketing Services That Produce Great Results for Irrigation Businesses

Web Design for Irrigation Businesses

Web Design

If you're serious about marketing your sprinklers and irrigation business online, you'll need an industry-leading website to do it. This is where your leads will come to learn about your business and decide whether they want to call you. Think about what your typical lead might want to know about you:

Do you handle sprinkler installs, repairs, or both? 

Can customers purchase sprinkler heads, pipes, and other materials from

you, and if they can, which types do you offer?

How big of a project can you handle? Do you do work for commercial properties or just residential ones?

What are your hours of operation and your service areas? 

You want to provide enough information on your website to help leads answer as many of their questions as possible on their own. You can then ask them to contact you for more sensitive information like pricing details. Once you have them talking to you, it's usually easy to convince them to hire you too. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

When people need sprinkler services, they need them right away. Every day of delay makes it more likely that their plants will wither and die. Because of this, they tend to make quick decisions about which sprinkler service provider to call. The first business whose website they see will probably be the one that gets the call. 

PPC ads can ensure your business gets a top spot in the search results when local users search for irrigation companies. In exchange for a small fee every time someone clicks your ad, you'll get more traffic for your website and more people calling you for help with their sprinkler problems. Best of all, you only pay when someone clicks on the ad, so there's not much risk involved.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising for Irrigation Businesses
Local Search Engine Optimization for Irrigation Businesses

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Paid advertising is great, but it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Paid ad space doesn’t just go to whoever buys it now – Google conducts automatic auctions behind the scenes to decide which ad will be displayed for a particular search. 

One of the key factors that determine who wins these auctions is local search engine optimization, or local SEO. This practice involves promoting your business as a leader in your local sprinkler service industry. Filling out and regularly updating your Google Business profile is a good place to start. You'll also need to publish helpful content with locally-relevant keywords and add backlinks to local businesses and organizations to your website. Local SEO services take care of all of this for you and help you keep your business’ website in one of those competitive top search spots.

Digital Marketing Services for Sprinklers and Irrigation Businesses

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Google Listing Management


Even More Digital Marketing Services to Enjoy

At Leads4Pros, we’re all about doing digital marketing your way. We offer a wide range of other services to help you market your sprinkler business, including:

And more.

Why Choose Us?

At Leads4Pros, we believe each of our customers deserves our best work. Choose us to get:
Full-Service Marketing

You may not know much about marketing or computers, but with us, that's okay. We handle all the work involved in setting up and maintaining your marketing campaigns – you just sit back and enjoy the rewards.

Full Accountability

 If something bad happens, you want to know exactly who to turn to to make it right. We do all of our work with our tight-knit in-house team and can quickly respond to any problems that come up.

Industry Experience

You're not the first irrigation business we've served, and you won't be the last. We know what companies in your industry need and how to fill those needs with expert marketing strategies.

Regular Reporting

Marketing takes time to get going, but once you start to build momentum, it's hard to stop. We make sure you're always kept up-to-date with how your campaigns are doing right now and how this fits into our overall timeline for your campaigns.

Real Results

 In the end, results are all that matters. We’ll make sure you get the return on investment you’re counting on. 

Supercharge Your Sprinkler Business with Digital Marketing Now

Leads4Pros has the digital marketing expertise you need to make your business boom, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation appointment and learn what digital marketing can do for your sprinkler and irrigation business. 

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