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Fill up your schedule with more bookings from both new and existing customers.

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Become known as the place to go for tree services in your city or service areas.

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Business Grow

Expand your operations and secure a bigger customer base.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for

Tree Service Businesses

Watch Your Tree Services Business Flourish with

Digital Marketing

Your tree services business deserves the extra support that digital marketing can provide. Contact Leads4Pros today to get our expert team on your side and start seeing the incredible results we know we can provide. 

Tree Services

Trees are a major part of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes around the GTA. This means that tree care businesses in this area have a wealth of opportunities in front of them.


Digital marketing can make sure you get access to as many of those opportunities as possible. Leads4Pros is one of the top digital marketing agencies in the GTA, specializing in helping trades businesses like yours succeed. Let us help you use the power of new digital media channels to market your tree care company. 


Digital Marketing Strategies That Work Well for

Tree Services Businesses

Web Design

The first digital marketing tool your tree service business needs is a high-quality professional website. Your site should tell your leads what you do, where you do it, and when you're available. It should also provide contact information to make it easy to get in touch with you.

Remember that many people don't know much about tree care. Use your website to tell your leads how you can solve their tree-related problems. List the services you offer and briefly describe some situations in which those services might be helpful. Don't assume they know what they need. It’s up to your website to help them find out.

Google Business Listing Management

Google Business is one of the most important directories for your tree service business. Not only will listing your business here help your leads quickly find information like your hours of operation and phone number, but it also tags your business’s location and routes it through Google Maps.

Once your business has a known location, you can start using local SEO (search engine optimization) to get your website to appear higher in searches made by local users. Anyone who searches something like ‘tree care near me' in your service areas has a good chance of coming across your website and giving you a call as a result. 

Social Media Marketing

Your tree service company probably does a lot to help the people around you. Whether you pitch in with tree removal after a storm or help plant new trees at a charity event, you're much more than just another business. 

Social media marketing can help you use these kind acts as marketing tools and build up a reputation in your local community. The more people know how involved you are with your neighbours, the more they will trust you and feel positively toward your business. 


Web Design

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Google Listing Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local SEO

Email Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

More Digital Marketing Services for Tree Care Businesses

There is no end to the different ways you can use digital marketing to promote your tree care company. Here are just some of the other services that Leads4Pros offers for tree care businesses just like yours.

And more.

Why Choose Us?

At Leads4Pros, our goal is to offer all of our customers the best possible digital marketing services available. With us:
You Won’t Have to Lift a Finger

You don't need any special marketing or computer knowledge to work with us. We'll handle everything, so you don't have to.

You’ll Have a Single Point of Contact

We don't outsource any of our work, so you'll always be able to talk to someone who is directly involved with your campaigns. 

You’ll Get Marketing from Industry Experts

We've spent years serving tree care companies and other trades businesses. We know how to represent your business and your industry right.

You’ll Always Know What’s Going On

We know you want to know how your campaigns are progressing. 

You’ll Get Great Results

We know your investment needs a payoff, and we never let our clients down. Work with us and watch your web traffic, call volumes and total sales boom. 

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