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Build Your Brand

Help your business become

known for doing quality work that customers can count on.

Win More (and Bigger!) Projects

Get hired by more homeowners

for those long, high-priced contracts that every remodelling company wants.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Enjoy a solid and

growing customer base

you can use tGain more revenue with a solid customer base and a steady flow of new leads.o increase

your bottom line. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing for

Home Improvement Companies

Help Your Home Improvement Business Soar

with Expert Digital Marketing

Your home improvement company has the potential to become an industry leader within the GTA. Let Leads4Pros help you get there with digital marketing services that are sure to win you a steady stream of new customers. Contact us today to book your free 30-minute consultation appointment and see what expert digital marketing can do for you.

Home Improvement and Remodelling

Home improvement and remodelling is a booming business in Ontario. With thousands of people buying homes every day, there is plenty of demand for services that will help them make these new properties their own.

When homeowners hire a contractor for their home improvement and remodelling projects, they're putting one of their biggest assets into that company's hands. They want to know that the contractor they choose has the skills and expert eye to bring their dream designs to life.

With digital marketing services from Leads4Pros, you can make sure all your prospective customers know just how skilled you and your team really are. 


Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

for Home Improvement Companies

Social Media Marketing

A big chunk of the home improvement market is driven by interior design trends. When one style goes out of fashion, a new style takes its place. Homes need to be continually remodelled to keep up with these changes and stay as stylish as possible. 

Social media marketing helps you keep these changing trends on your leads’ minds. Highlighting new design developments sparks new ideas and makes them think about what their home could look like with a few alterations. Who will help them make those changes? Your company, of course!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Remarketing Ads

Many people who are interested in home improvement services don't make their final decision right away. They might take time to weigh the pros and cons of hiring a few different companies before settling on just one. Unfortunately, this often means your business’s unique selling points get lost in the shuffle. Your business may even be forgotten about altogether. 

PPC remarketing ads are ads that appear for people who have already visited your business’s website. These people are obviously interested in your services, but they may need a little extra push to commit to hiring you. Seeing more ads for your website may be just what it takes to clinch their decision.

Google Listing Management

Reviews play a big part in many home improvement customers’ decision-making processes. Your Google business listing displays customer reviews right there on the search results page, but if some of those reviews are negative, it could make some people decide not to hire you. 

Google listing management services help you collect more positive reviews and respond proactively to any negative ones. When people see you doing your best to make things right, even when customers have a bad experience, they're more likely to feel comfortable trusting you with their projects too.

Creative Working

Web Design

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Google Listing Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local SEO

Email Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing and Remarketing

Explore More Digital Marketing Services for Home Renovations Businesses

Want to take your digital marketing even further? Check out our other services for home improvement businesses.

And more.

We set aside time to

get to know you

and your business

and ask you about your goals for its future.

We draft a plan to

achieve those

goals through digital marketing.

We put those plans into action, making adjustments as we go to make sure we get you the results you're looking for.

We stick around to provide technical support and maintenance on your website and other marketing materials. We're also happy to expand your marketing package to help you reach new, bigger goals.

Our Process

Curious about what it's like to work with us? We serve all our clients with this four-step process.
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