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"Peter,  Mike and entire WSI Comandix team are knowledgeable - experts in fact!  I find them easy to get along with, very accommodating to my needs and requests. All more so now considering how the various covid restrictions have impacted all professional service businesses.

I am on a monthly program and I see verifiable results. I would definitely definitely recommend this company services."

Sam B.

"WSI Comandix has been by Web & Digital Marketing partner for multiple years now.  They first took over site management of my existing website which was built with a previous vendor.  Over time, that site appeared dated and didn’t articulate our business strategy and focus moving forward as we wanted to be known as a full-service Residential & Commercial Roofing Company in the Greater Toronto Area.  WSI has taken me through the process of building an elaborate, conversion focused, client facing new website that showcases our brand in the highly competitive roofing industry.  From the original process of understanding the business needs, to the design & development process – it has been an educational experience learning how to build a proper website to set Integrity Roofers up for aggressive Marketing campaigns to grow.  We also decided to make the big shift from .CA to .COM to which the Comandix team has put steps in place to ensure that the transition was as smooth as it could be to not damage the previous Marketing efforts we have worked on previously together on our previous site/domain.

We require new leads daily.  WSI Comandix educates us on what is required, they act quickly to help solve our needs or changes based on seasonality and I am now excited to promote & showcase my new website to our customers.  I can’t wait to see what may come moving forward."

Shay B.
Integrity Roofers

It has been a pleasure working with Mike and his team at WSI.  They have really made me feel that my business with them is a partnership rather than just a service.  I have now worked with them for about eight years when they originally approached me and offered to build a new website. They took the time to meet with me and understand all my needs very thoroughly.  I decided to take the leap and I couldn’t be happier they have consistently followed through to meet all my expectations.  My business is now thriving and more than tripled over the last eight years.  I would highly recommend WSI Comandix!

Brian Withey

"The team at WSI is truly amazing. They took my existing website, made all the changes I wanted, gave me amazing advice and helped me focus on doing what needed to be done. They worked hard, and likely many hours more than what I believe I even paid for. I feel they were more than honest, and it really felt like they had an invested interest in making sure my website both reflected my company, and functioned very well. Thanks all! Glad to have you on our team!!"

Revi M.
Monaco Interiors

"WSI Comandix provides an "above the bar" experience. They are extremely knowledgeable in web design, digital marketing, SEO and much more. They provide a full marketing solution, no matter if you are a start up or in business for some time. Their team is outstanding and I would highly recommend this firm."

Connie R.
Ironclad Roofing


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