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How to Hire the Right Social Media Marketing Agency

Updated: Jul 5

Summary: If you are in need of a company to help manage your social media channels, it is important to know what to look for. Learn how to hire the right agency here.

Looking for a social media marketing agency in Toronto can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, how can you be sure that you have selected the right one?

A combination of research and questions will shed light on the agency’s professional experience, its goals and motivations, and its ability to deliver the results you want. Here are a few of the top things to look for in a social media marketing agency as well as some questions to ask agencies before you hire them.

What to Look for in a Social Media Agency

What Do Their Case Studies Show?

You can tell a lot about a social media agency from the case studies they choose to showcase. Look at these studies to get a better idea of not only how well the agency performs, but also what metrics they focus on during their work. An agency is a good fit for you of they prioritize the same things you do and have proven themselves to be capable of generating the results you want.

Who Are They Working With?

A social media’s past client roster can also shed light on their industry knowledge and specialties. Ideally, your agency will have plenty of experience serving companies in your industry. This proves that they have the expert knowledge needed to authentically represent your brand.

What Do Their Social Media Feeds Look Like?

Any social media agency in Toronto that values their customers’ investment will put extra effort into their own social media pages. Check out their presence on your favourite platforms and note anything that stands out to you. Are they posting relevant, valuable content on a regular schedule? Does their feed look professional and engaging? If they cannot impress you with their own social media marketing, it is unlikely that they will be able to win over your audience.

Check Out Their Blog

Your social media company’s blog provides yet more insight into their professional philosophy and processes. Read a few posts and see what you think. Are they offering specific, useful coverage and advice, or are they simply posting generic content you could find anywhere? The answer will tell you what to expect from their efforts on your behalf.

Are They Industry Recognized or Award-Winning?

A truly great social media company will be formally recognized for their contributions to the industry. Choose an agency that has a few awards under their belt from reputable institutions. This proves that they have something exceptional to offer that they can put to work for your business.

Do Their Values Align with Yours?

Your social media and email marketing agency will produce the bulk of the content that will represent your business online, so it is important that their values match yours. Most marketing companies post a list of values on their website, but you can also make your own conclusions based on their other content, the clients they choose to work with, and the general tone of their public communication. Choose an agency that you will be proud to partner with for many years to come.

Questions You Should Ask a Social Media Agency

1. Which Social Media Platforms Do You Recommend?

Some social media platforms will likely perform better for your business than others. Your social media marketing agency should be happy to point these high-potential platforms out to you and explain why they would be such a good investment.

2. How Much Will It Cost?

Before you hire a particular social media company, you will need to know whether their services are within your budget. Ask about their pricing and whether there are any discounts available for service packages. While prices that are too high are clear deal-breakers, it is best to avoid suspiciously low prices too. A company that claims they can produce notable results for prices well below the market average will probably not deliver on their promises.

3. What Services Do You Recommend?

Once you have a rough idea of which services you will need, ask your social media company which services they would recommend for you. Ideally, their recommendations will be very similar to the suite of services you have already decided to get. This shows that they understand your needs and budget and have your company’s best interest in mind.

4. How Long Are Your Contracts?

Most social media companies require you to commit to working with them for a certain amount of time before deciding to renew the contract or move on. Shorter contract lengths give you the flexibility needed to change agencies, if necessary, without losing a chunk of your investment.

5. What Performance Metrics Do You Usually Measure?

Some social media companies focus on specific metrics such as likes or shares. Others use whichever metrics suit each client best. Look for an agency that is willing to focus on whichever metrics you deem to be most important.

6. Do You Have Any Experience with Clients Similar to Me?

Agencies with past experience serving similar clients are ideally equipped to help you reach your goals. Ask them about their client roster, portfolio, testimonials, and any other materials that will demonstrate that they have successfully produced results for businesses like yours.

Put Our Social Media Marketing Experience to Work for You

Choosing a social media marketing company is a big commitment. Invest in the best of the best. WSI Comandix provides industry-leading digital marketing services for businesses within the GTA. Our large roster of happy clients speaks to just how effective our services are. Contact us today to book your free consultation appointment and start your journey toward social media success.


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